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Video Recording - consider making the buttons more accessible and user friendly(like the old style in the pop up ribbon/ option to remove speakers name face)

Your new updates have almost take your perfect meeting/ video recording and rendered it useless for my company. We are a healthcare contractor that often has a need to record educational PowerPoints to send to our clients. This new system has made it very difficult to navigate hitting record/ pause and stop on videos with a PowerPoint in presentation mode. Also, there needs to be an option to opt out of displaying the speakers picture and name on the side of the presentation. This is something we can not send to a hospital/ legal client. Lastly, you use to have an option to route your recordings to a folder on your desktop instead of the ring central cloud. it appears this is no longer an option. This will now limit me on what i can record because i can not allow HIPAA information to be placed on your cloud.

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  • Sep 30 2021
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