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Share recordings to external users through a link only (no need to download and then upload to Google drive) + warn the user that anyone with the link can view the recording

The In-App Sharing requires the user to click the Share button for each Participant to share with. This is not a scalable model if the user wants to share with more than 5-6 users. - Having the Shared Recording link (similar to Zoom) is very helpful so user can potentially do a copy paste into an email or Glip team to share. - My Participants did not receive an email notice that a recording was shared (I remembered zoom sends an email), so it was not intuitive for the Participant to go into their RCV app and Recording tab to find the recording Also, Share recording is not available on ServiceWeb. This is also very useful especially for sharing with a large number of recipient. Storing and sharing recording is a very crucial requirement for video meetings, so I hope that enhancements can be added and supported with the Partner brands, e.g. AT&T as well.

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  • Jul 17 2020
  • Planned